What Do I Need To Consider When I Have An Accepted Contract? 

Some Items to Consider When You’re In The Inspection Phase of Your Purchase!

  • Home Inspection Report: Have Your Home Inspected By an Experienced, Licensed, Local Inspector.                              I Have Recommendations For Many Of These Professionals!
  • Roof Inspection: Yep, You Guessed It, Use A Local, Licensed, Experienced Roof Inspector Who Knows How To Properly Repair a Roof.
  • Termites & Other Pests: Use a Licensed Inspector to Check for Any Existence of Pests or Damage Caused By Them. 
  • Plumbing: Its Imperative That Your Homes Internal Functioning Be Free From Leaks, Cracking, Etc.
  • Lead Paint: Lead Based Paint Was Used in Homes Built Prior To 1978.
  • Permitted Uses: Verify Zoning & Permitted Uses and any CCRs Which May Apply to The Property.
  • Flood Zone: Yes, We Even Have Flood Plains In Tucson! Confirm Status and Whether Flood Insurance May Be Required on The Property!
  • Sewer Inspection: You May Want to Consider A Sewer Scope Be Performed. This Inspection Has Saved Clients Thousands of Dollars in the Long Run.
  • Lot Lines: Use a Land Surveyor To Verify Property Lines, Boundaries, and Possible Encroachments, As Well As Legal Access and Other Lot/Land Issues. 
  • *Not An Exhaustive List. 

New Construction

If you’re looking to buy a resale or new construction home Crystal has the knowledge to guide you.

Don’t go to a new construction site without Crystal’s representation! Many are unaware that the site agent, although friendly and helpful, work for the builder and are therefore meeting the builder’s demands and wants rather than your own.